What is Clothes Sorting? (For those of you who have not helped before)

Many people bring in clothes that they do not use anymore. As sorters, we go through the clothing/shoes, checking for stains, rips and things of that nature. We then sort them into men, women, and children’s items. It sounds like a lot of work but “many hands makes for light work”, and we each work at our own pace. 

Since we have no school on Thursday or Friday of next week, we would like to have a sorting session during the day on Thursday, November 9th, if we have enough interest.

Please email Leah Biester directly at if you would be interested in assisting in the Thursday, November 9th sorting during the day.

We need LOTS of people to help sort, so please ask you family and friends to come and help and enjoy some fellowship in the process.  We will be in the East Gym from Monday, November 6th through Thursday, November 9th in the evening from 6 – 9 p.m.

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