Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty and staff are as expert as they are passionate. To reach an individual faculty or staff member, please utilize the following extension numbers or simply click on the individual’s name to automatically generate their email address. The School’s Main Office number is 630-894-3263.

Trinity Leadership

Dawn Koenig, Principal, ext. 213
Mary Swank, School Secretary, ext. 228

ESM, Elementary School Ministry.

PTL, Parent Teacher League

Early Childhood Education

Kim Epting, ext. 208
Kendra Trosper Pena, ext 231
Tina Ramirez, ext. 232
Adam Rink, ext. 252
Michelle Wolf, ext. 231

Elementary Education

Juanita Berdis, ext. 233
Diane Cillick, ext. 235
Jill Gross, ext 242
Mary Andrzejczak, ext. 237

Middle School Education

middle-school-educationEmily Brenner, ext. 239
Kelly Laschinski, ext. 263
Sydni Schmelter, ext. 248
Bob Scheiwe, ext. 243
Rachael Wayman, ext. 244

Special Areas

Carole Arco, Smart Tuition, ext. 267
Sue Berka, Special Services, ext. 257
Dave & Bonnie Carter, Library ext.202
Mathew Grider, Computer Lab IT and P.E., ext. 240
Lisa Lagina, Art, ext. 254
Maxine Lange, Band, ext. 221
Katie Wells Music, ext. 283
Laura Steger, Extended Care, ext. 205


Carol Gibbons
Cory Kelly
Michelle Ludwig
Laura Steger
Kendell Troyke