Grades 5-8

Beginning in 5th Grade and ending upon graduation from 8th Grade, our middle school completes your child’s Trinity education by methodically equipping him or her with the final academic tools, strength of character, and varied life skills they will need to thrive as both a high school student and human being.

Our award winning staff works diligently to teach independent thinking and demand personal accountability. By this stage of their development at Trinity, students are encouraged to refine their ability to embrace the uniqueness of self and others, to communicate dynamically, to live Christian values rooted in the Bible, and to employ a strong daily work ethic and a healthy competitiveness, both in and out of the classroom.

Beyond very challenging academics across a variety of core courses like Science, Literature, and Algebra, Trinity offers a wide variety of diverse electives, including Group Initiatives, TV Production, Cooking and many more. Middle school also provides numerous avenues for all students to explore and test their talents in a variety of Fine Arts. At Trinity, students can further develop and practice positive leadership traits as members of Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, academic competition teams, as well as a variety of Athletic teams.

Additionally, unique opportunities enhance each child’s overall experience. Our middle school students join hundreds of other students from local schools as everyone gathers at Trinity to participate in the annual Fine Arts Fest. Additionally, every Fall Sixth graders participate in a week long outdoor education program at Walcamp that has been a tradition for decades. Our graduates end their time at Trinity with a three day class trip. Plus, every year students have multiple off campus events that broaden their perspectives and give them unique insights into the world around us.

Our unified and collaborative team of gifted teachers sets very high expectations for each student, and we’ve listed them below so that parents can determine for themselves whether these expectations meet their own goals for their children:

At the conclusion of 8th Grade, your son or daughter will be:

  • Thinking independently
  • Innovatively leveraging their sturdy academic fundamentals to advance their learning in new directions, based on personal needs and interests
  • Taking leadership roles in their extracurricular and community activities
  • Developing collaborative relationships with their peers, teachers, and the world around them
  • Practicing and refining the study habits and learning behaviors necessary to succeed in the high school of their choice
  • Motivating themselves to set and achieve high goals
  • Embracing their role as a disciple in the church

Trinity graduates have a well-documented track record of thriving in both public and private high schools, in their post-secondary educations, and in their communities. While we attribute some of their success to the dedication of our talented teachers, we recognize that so much of that success is the result of your nurturing attention and loving commitment to your child. Trinity and its families are mutually reliant upon each other, and we are grateful to you for allowing us to share in the joy of sending forth extraordinary young men and women, year after year.