Grades 1-4

At Trinity, the wonderful years that span 1st through 4th Grades are a period of remarkable and accelerated learning and development for your child.

Building upon the strong foundational blocks established in Trinity Early Childhood and Kindergarten programs, students continue to grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually while developing independent thinking through academic inquiry, challenging assignments, disciplined work habits, collaboration with peers, and the inculcation of Christian values rooted firmly in Biblical teaching.

Working daily with engaged, respectful classmates and caring teachers who make it their priority to know each student’s individual strengths and potential, your student is quickly and confidently adding to his or her academic foundation – block upon block – in Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Technology, and so much more.

In addition to equipping your son or daughter to be successful in the classroom, we also provide students with unique service opportunities which enable them to apply their Christian values for the betterment of those in need throughout our local and global communities.

Developmentally, these years are a very critical time for our students, and we feel not only duty-bound to fully deliver the education we promise, but also very fortunate to play such a significant role in your child’s growth as a person and as a Christian.

At the conclusion of 4th Grade, students are continuing to build and apply academic skills in Reading, Math and core subject areas; discovering their innate talents and abilities; growing in personal self-confidence; seeking to understand their own role in the world; thinking more critically about questions inside and outside the classroom, and developing the individual study habits and learning behaviors necessary to succeed in the future.