Dear Trinity Families,

We would like to provide clarification on our spirit wear dress code for those of you with questions.

Every Friday is “Spirit Day” where students are allowed to wear any Trinity/tiger SHIRT, including solid Orange, Black, or White.  The only bottoms allowed are jeans or regular dress bottoms (uniform).

PLEASE NOTEThe Trinity flannel pajama pants are not for every Friday. These would be special items for “Flare” days, or special dress days we have through-out the year.  Announcements will be included in newsletters by teachers in your homeroom City groups notifying you of the upcoming special day.

Questions have also been asked about the Yoga jacket with the Trinity Logo that the PTL is selling.  The decision was made to treat the Yoga jacket the same as the fleece jacket as stated in the handbook (pages 24 – 26).  If it has the small Trinity Logo ONLY on the FRONT, it is acceptable.  Although with the big bling on the back, it is acceptable to wear ONLY ON FRIDAYS.  HOWEVER, just like anything else, if it becomes a distraction to learning, students may be asked to remove it at the discretion of the teacher or a staff member.

The Elementary School Ministry (ESM) will be working with the PTL to approve and design some items that could be worn in the classroom without jeopardizing the safety of students, or to the distraction of others.

We apologize for any confusion regarding spirit wear day attire. Please contact Mrs. Koenig directly at if you have further questions.

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